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I’m Not Afraid of Chinese Dumplings!

While I understand that over a thousand people have claimed to be ill due to food poisoning from gyoza (Chinese dumplings), I still think that a lot of them are attributing whatever ailments they have to the food scare because the news has frightened them into believing that it must be the cause.

The fact is, I can’t find any news reports stating an official number of more than ten food poisoning victims. Even if another thousand people did fall sick due to these dumplings, I’d be surprised if their sickness was serious enough to warrant the hysteria spread from the media to the general public.

Media hysteria scares Japanese off China-made food

I know of Japanese people that now refuse to eat any food made in China. Perhaps they should also stop eating Japanese food after last year’s domestic food scandals. The way I see it is, JT Foods distributed gyoza that had been poisoned with pesticides. Therefore, if you’re worried about your health, don’t eat gyoza distributed by JT Foods! Why should all the other companies and restaurants suffer? Have they poisoned their customers, too?

Food scandals boost TV ratings

Calm down people. This is how they sell newspapers and get higher TV ratings. To prove my point, here’s a video of me eating Chinese dumplings from a different distributor. If I fall sick, I’ll eat my words, but not until I’ve finished my gyoza!

If you can’t view the video, watch it here on YouTube.