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Mami’s Pink Car – The Lapin

A short while ago, a reader asked to see a picture of my wife’s pink car that I’ve mentioned in a couple of posts. Although I say it’s Mami’s car, I tend to drive it more than she does because the baby goes in the baby chair on the back seat, and Mami sits with him while I drive.

Mami's pink Lapin

So, not only do I go ballroom dancing with another man every Friday night, I also drive a pink car! I never asked for this life of gaiety, one minute I was dancing with my wife and driving a silver Suzuki Wagon R, and look at me now!

My Wife Has Gaming Skills

Nintendo DS TetrisShe denies it now, but when the Nintendo DS was released, Mami begged me to get her one. Like most husbands, I thought it would be a great chance to get my wife into gaming, so I rushed out and got her a little, white DS Lite with Tetris and Super Mario Bros.

Hooked on the Nintendo DS

Mami was over the moon and played it day and night. Some nights, she wouldn’t come to bed until 5am. She had blisters on her fingers, sore eyes, and the Tetris music still haunts us to this day. However, with barely a week passed, she lost all interest in her new little friend.

Why did Mami’s gaming obsession come to a halt?

The DS has been gathering dust ever since Mami last put it down over a year ago. But why the sudden loss of interest? It turns out that my wife has an incredible talent for Nintendo games. Pass her a Playstation controller and she’s lost, but give her a DS and she’s in her element. Needless to say, she finished both Tetris and Mario and satisfied her craving for games.

Tetris has an ending?

Before I met Mami, I had no idea that Tetris was actually finishable. Time and time again, she completed the game with 200 lines and sat through the end-of-game credits that scroll down the screen. Never had I met someone who could beat Tetris. I think my record was 97 lines or something like that.

How about you? Does your better half like video games? What is your Tetris record?

My First Dance with Mami

I was looking through some old photos and found this picture of Mami and I dancing at a Christmas party in 2004. Although we met earlier that year, I think this is the oldest picture of us together and for that reason it deserves a place here on my blog. 

Nick and Mami - 1st Photo

I think she thought I was quite a catch! :-P

Baby in Progress – Meet Rikuto!

Rikuto - just hours oldFriends, family, and first-time visitors. After blogging about my wife’s pregnancy for much of the last year, our son, Rikuto, was finally born at 9:25am on Sunday, July 22nd 2007, at the prefectural hospital, Gifuken Sougou Iryou Center.

I rushed Mami to the maternity clinic at 5:30 in the morning, and it wasn’t long before the doctor realized that her unusually high blood pressure and still too-narrow “escape route” would require a trip in an ambulance to the hospital for a cesarean birth.

During the ride however, Rikuto’s means of entry into the big welcoming world opened up and he was born in the usual manner while I waited outside – as per my wife’s orders!

Mami suffered some injuries which are probably too embarrassing to describe here, but she is recovering well and will remain in the hospital with Rikuto for a week.

While Mami is sure Riku looks like me, I tend to think he looks more like his mum, but he’s adorable either way. Enjoy the pictures and subscribe for updates!

If you can’t view the photos, you can see the original pictures at Flickr, here.

Mami becomes a housewife

This evening, we ordered a pizza to celebrate my wife’s last day of work. I’m not so sure she should be eating pizza, but I guess she’s got two mouths to feed.

Mami only worked at the hospital for a year, but it felt like much longer. Rarely a day went by wihtout her coming home three hours late, absolutely exhausted. You hear stories all the time of Japanese people working ridiculously long hours, and nurses are no exception. The amount of “required overtime” she did was a joke, and I had wanted her to quit much earlier.

She originally handed in her notice back in November, with the intention of finishing at the end of March. Her supervisors agreed to this for just a week before asking her to stay until the end of May, without really giving her the option of saying no. Even when eight months pregnant, her immediate boss was still giving her a hard time about finishing up, implying that if she had planned to get pregnant, she should never have accepted the job in the first place. Anyway, here we are, one week into June, and she has finally left.

So, what happens now? Well, with less than two months to go before Rikuto’s birth, I just hope she gets some much needed rest. You can see how big the baby has got, and you can even see when he moves around in her tummy, which is both wonderful and weird! Unfortunately, Mami is quite shy, and isn’t too keen on me taking photos of her stomach to put on the Internet. Sorry guys!

Now of course, I have the responsibility of being the sole breadwinner. We should still be quite comfortable, but I’ll be working even harder to make sure things stay that way. I don’t see Mami ever going back to work at the hospital, at least not that one. She may well take on some kind of part-time work in the future. Hopefully though, that will be through choice rather than necessity.

In the meantime, the only request I have made is that she makes me a cup of coffee every morning. I really don’t function properly without my morning dose of caffeine.