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Questions for JapanSoc Users #1

If you haven’t yet registered for the Japan-related social bookmarking website, JapanSoc, please sign up! This is a new community which is growing quite rapidly thanks to some wonderful support from my fellow “Japan” bloggers.

A few questions for JapanSoc users

Since I’m at the helm, I’d like to get some feedback from current JapanSoc users so I can go about making improvements. Here are some questions to consider, but please feel free to voice your opinions in the comments section.

  1. Was registration smooth?
  2. Is the FAQ okay, or am I missing anything important?
  3. Do you think all the categories hog the sidebar? Any suggestions?
  4. Is the site too slow? (This will be my biggest headache!)
  5. Have you experienced any technical glitches worth reporting?

Get your blog reviewed on LongCountdown

If you blog about Japan, here’s a deal for you. I will write a dedicated review of your blog here on LongCountdown.com if you do the following:

NOTE: This offer has now finished. 

  1. Register at JapanSoc.
  2. Add the JapanSoc FeedBurner FeedFlare to your blog feed.
  3. Link to JapanSoc (from either your blogroll or a blog post).
  4. Subscribe to this blog’s rss feed.
  5. Let me know you’ve done 1-4 in the comments.