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Maru Batsu Survey #1

Maru Batsu - Yes or No?There’s a popular Japanese website called Kotonoha OX Social, a simple Yes/No survey site, where O (maru) means Yes and X (batsu) means No. The concept is simple and fun, so I thought I’d tie it in with my usual ramblings and ask you to give OX answers to the following topics which have been on my mind lately.

1. Jason is onto a winner with The Carbon Blog – O or X?

The Carbon BlogHere’s a quote from Jason’s new project, The Carbon Blog:

There are scammers all over the world trying to cash in on our concern for the environment, so it’s my duty to sift through the crap and show the world the best and the worst ways to combat global climate change.

Providing Jason can get the word out and come up with enough material, which shouldn’t be a problem with the current push for an eco-friendly world, The Carbon Blog has great potential.

Nick’s verdict: O

2. EMobile will shake up Japan’s cell phone industry – O or X?

EMobileA new phone carrier called EMobile has jumped into the Japanese cell phone market, offering handsets with no subscription fee! You just pay when you use the phone.

Planning to disrupt what it believes is a static phone industry, startup carrier EMobile today announced its first service plans for its home country of Japan. Instead of requiring a monthly fee or having customers buy prepaid blocks of time, the new service will operate largely on a metered system. [Source]

My wife and I are at home all the time, so we rarely use our phones. If anyone could benefit from a subscription-fee-free service, it’s people like us.

Nick’s verdict: O

3. The desktop computer is an endangered species – O or X?

An old desktop computerApparently I’m on Sony’s spam mailing list and today they sent me an article titled “Twilight of the Desktop Computer?” by EQ Magazine editor, Craig Anderton. He says:

Laptops always used to be like the little brother who was eager to help with the chores, but couldn’t actually do all that much. While fine for running spreadsheets and word processors, or filing sales reports from the road, no one considered a laptop as viable for music production or video editing.

He then goes on to say “it’s clear that today’s high-end laptops can do what all but the best desktop computers can do.” So is this the end for the desktop computer? I spent a pretty penny on my desktop and can’t imagine getting the same performance for the same price from a laptop… just yet.

Nick’s verdict: X

4. Osama Bin Ladin is dead – O or X?

He was murdered!Some people think he’s alive, others believe he was killed years ago, but I only recently saw the video of Pakistan’s assassinated Benazir Bhutto tell the BBC’s David Frost that the “world’s most wanted man” had been murdered. The interview was aired in full on Al Jazeera, but when it was shown on the BBC, the bit about the murder had been edited out. It was quite bizarre, and I’ll let you draw your own conclusions. You can see the full interview here.

Nick’s verdict: O

5. Anpanman is dead – O or X?

RIP Anpanman?Continuing the morbid topic of death, Deas has reported that one of the most popular cartoon characters in Japan, Anpanman, has been found at the foot of a cliff on the shore of Hakata island. The man with a head made of bread is known for one of his more unusual super powers:

When Anpanman comes across a starving creature or person, he lets the unfortunate creature or person eat part of his head. [Source]

But can it be true? Is Anpanman really dead? I think not… unfortunately.

Nick’s verdict: X

That wraps up my first Maru Batsu survey, let me see your thoughts, Os and Xs in the comments!

JapanSoc Poll – 3 Socs to Hit Front Page?

JapanSoc continues to grow. There have been 398 Japan-related articles submitted to the site since it started last November. On those articles, there have been 348 comments and 1159 votes. That means that each article has been soc’ed an average 2.9 times.

Hitting the JapanSoc front page

Currently, when an article is submitted to JapanSoc, it goes in the “Upcoming” queue. Two votes are needed for it to hit the front page and be added to the main rss feed. One vote is automatically given by the submitter, so only one other vote is necessary. With 67 registered users as I write this, almost everything is getting a second vote and making it off the queue.

The case for a 3 soc promotion requirement

  • Three votes would make sure only the best articles make it to the front page.
  • With fewer articles getting promoted, existing front page articles can get more exposure.
  • Users might promote JapanSoc more, encouraging people to soc their submissions.

The case against a 3 soc promotion requirement

  • Submissions might disappear down the Upcoming page before enough people see them.
  • Special interest topics might not get the exposure they deserve.
  • Users might be discouraged from submitting articles if it is harder to make the front page.

Time to vote… Voting has ended, and the “3 Soc Rule” is now in effect.

[poll id="4"]

Japan Exposed Through Opinion Poll Translations

What Japan ThinksForeign perception of Japan is often tarnished by sweeping generalizations made by people who lack the language skills and tools necessary to understand the real thoughts and actions of Japan’s general public.

What Japan Thinks

Introducing Ken Y-N, a legend among Japan bloggers and the face behind What Japan Thinks, a blog full of English translations of Japanese opinion polls and surveys. A keen statistician and Japan enthusiast, Ken has amassed nearly one and half thousand subscribers while shining some light on Japan’s bad office habits and why Japanese women love American men.

Helping the Japan bloggers’ community

His new found fame has brought him some publicity in the form of an interview with the Japan Times, and now he’s sharing his fortune with the rest of us by hosting crowd-pullers like the Japan Blog Awards and using his web skills to promote the JapanSoc social bookmarking site with the JapanSoc FeedBurner FeedFlare.

There’s more to Ken than charts and graphs

One last interesting tidbit about Ken is his other websites. First, do you remember that immensely popular Japanese website that would tell you what you were thinking? Well, Ken jumped on the opportunity to make an English version and the result, BrainScannr, tells me that I’m thinking happy thoughts, which makes it almost as accurate as Kazuko Hosoki! Next, If you’ve ever wondered what your name would be if you were a Buddhist, Ken has the answer. His site, My Buddhist Name, will do the English to Buddhist conversion for you! However, I’m not so sure it’s all that accurate since my Buddhist name turns out to be The Girl Lion Always Youth! :shock: