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Japanese Government Discusses 9/11 Truth

For a while there, I distanced myself from discussing September 11th, 2001. If there was ever a controversial topic, it would be that of 9/11, a subject which touches a raw nerve with many Americans, provoking angry reactions that put me off pursuing the topic.

Japan presented with “9/11 Mysteries” footage

I previously told you that the popular video, 9/11 Mysteries, was shown in part to Japanese TV audiences on the show, Sekai Maru Mie, at 8pm on Monday, October 15th, 2007. While the reaction to the video wasn’t overwhelming, it was somewhat comforting to see the panel of celebrities take on board the information they were presented with, rather than dismissing it as a “conspiracy theory”. Never did I expect the questions raised in that video to come up in the Japanese Diet, asked before the Japanese Prime Minister and his cabinet.

Councilor Fujita questions 9/11 events – January 10th, 2008

This news seems to have escaped the mass media, and if not for YouTube, I never would have known it even took place. Fortunately, I can blog about it and post the videos in the hope of waking a few more people up to what really happened on 9/11.

At the National Diet of Japan on January 10, 2008, Councilor Yukihisa Fujita of Democratic Party of Japan questioned 9/11. This is a BIG NEWS yet Japanese MSM absolutely ignored it.

In Part 1, Councilor Fujita questions the “War on Terror” and if Japanese Government ever conducted an independent investigation.

In Part 2, Councilor Fujita examines the Pentagon.

In Part 3, Councilor Fujita examines the WTC Towers and Building 7.

If you can’t view these videos, follow the links to see them on YouTube:

  1. Councilor Fujita Questions 9/11 Part 1
  2. Councilor Fujita Questions 9/11 Part 2
  3. Councilor Fujita Questions 9/11 Part 3