Happy Birthday LongCountdown!

Today marks the first anniversary of starting this blog. Can you believe it’s been a year already? The first year saw Mami and I buy a house and have a baby, and while that will be hard to top, the next year should make for very interesting reading, particularly if you’re following the progress of our son, Rikuto.

There have been exactly 153 posts and 300 comments so far. I’d like to thank fellow Kakamigahara blogger, Jason Irwin for the 300th comment. Jason recently married into a Japanese family and among his many science and technology articles, he writes about his new life in Japan. Take a look at Jason’s Random Thoughts.

If you’d like to catch up on the last year, you should read LC’s 100th post, which highlights the best articles from the first hundred posts, and then look through the latest articles on the archives page.

To celebrate LongCountdown’s birthday, I got to together with Mami, Rikuto, our friend Keith and my Net Buddy 4 Life, Michael McKinlay, for a little song and dance. Enjoy the video.