Sleep Better with a Nose Band Aid

In my previous post about sleeping, I said that I get about 8 hours sleep a night, usually from 3am to 11am. What I didn’t tell you was my secret for getting a good night’s sleep.

A big nose doesn’t help you breathe more easily

I blogged about my big nose before, and while it may make me look dashingly handsome to Japanese women, it definitely doesn’t help me breathe any easier. In fact, I’d argue that having a big nose actually hinders your breathing. Maybe, like a vacuum cleaner, a bigger nozzle sucks up more dirt.

Breathe Right nasal strips - Large!Sleep better with nasal strips

Recently, I started using Breathe Right nasal strips. Yeah, yeah, it might be a bit embarrassing, but if they’re good enough for athletes then they’re good enough for me. Anyway, before I started using them I’d find myself breathing through my mouth all night, but by sticking one of these Band Aid type things on my face I can actually breathe through my nose, and fall to sleep quicker, too.

Feel the pain of nasal strips

This isn’t an ad for Breathe Right, I’m just passing on the tip in case anyone else has breathing problems like me. If you do get hooked on nasal strips, be warned: ripping them off your nose every morning isn’t much fun, and they leave their mark! Oh well, at least it’s the right season for red noses.

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3 thoughts on “Sleep Better with a Nose Band Aid

  1. Hey Nick,
    Are you still using these things? If so, I have a weird question… did you lose any weight?

    I’ve read that deep breathing exercises can help people lose weight, I figure this is kind of similar.

    1. Hi Joe, yes, I’m still using (a cheaper alternative of) them. I can’t say whether they help you lose weight or not because I’m too skinny anyway!

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