Shaving Heads for Japanese Summertime

Summer in Japan gets extremely hot, with temperatures all but touching 40 degrees in the Aichi and Gifu region. That means it’s time to shave some heads!

Remember these gentlemen?

Well, here’s what mummy did to us!

Rikuto didn’t seem too bothered about his new hairdo, or lack thereof, but for me it was quite a big decision. I’ve had the same hairstyle all my life, and the one big factor stopping me from shaving it off earlier was the infamous “Ramsay bald patch”! If you look closely at the picture, you can see I have a bald patch on the side of my head. It’s about two inches in diameter and looks kind of like a crop circle. I’ve always kept it covered with floppy hair until now.

In the past, I’ve joked about getting a bar code tattooed on my bald patch, but figure it would hurt too much. I did, however, get the courage to shave my hair off and expose my bald patch for the world to see. One reason for that boost of confidence is that my hair has receded so much over the years that it’s blended with the bald bit anyway, and another reason is I have four weeks before I need to go public again. Let’s hope it grows back by then! 🙂

What do you think of our new rough and ready look?

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20 thoughts on “Shaving Heads for Japanese Summertime

  1. Like father like son eh? Well I think it’s good you tried something new Nick! Hey why don’t you tell us about how the bald patch came to be? I think that was quite a good story!

    1. My best friend throughout my childhood was wheelchair-bound. He suffered from Osteogenesis imperfecta, more commonly known as brittle bone disease.

      Even though he was so fragile and once broke a leg by wiggling a computer joystick too hard, he was ever so genki and always played with the rest of us in the school playground.

      One day, when we were just eight, I was standing alongside my friend in the middle of the playground, and out of the blue a girl came walking towards us… backwards! Before anything could be done to stop her, she had accidentally walked into the side of my friend’s chair, knocking it sideways onto the concrete.

      Everything seemed to happen in slow motion and I still remember it quite vividly. As the chair toppled over, my friend’s head cracked against the concrete, right by my shoe. Just like an egg breaking open, my friend’s skull cracked open on the ground by my feet and I remember some kind of green goo leaking from his head and forming a puddle around my feet.

      That was the moment my hair fell out. Not that I noticed of course. Amid chaotic scenes I remember all the children were ushered from the playground back into their classrooms, where we all peered out the window at my friend and the circle of teachers who had gathered around him. Soon after, he was whisked away by ambulance.

      While my hair is lost forever, my friend is still very much around. He’s like that girl in Heroes. He’s broken every bone in his body (I even broke one for him once!), but he just keeps healing and coming back stronger. We still keep in touch now, actually, 27 years after we first met. Unlike his bones, however, we have a friendship that can’t be broken.

  2. Nick, what were you thinking? I know it’s hot, but I can’t believe that Mami cut off all of Rikuto’s beautiful hair!

    1. Actually, she regrets it now. On the bright side, though, washing his hair was the most difficult part of bath time because he kept touching the shampoo on his head then putting his fingers in his eyes and mouth… leading to tears, every time!

  3. Well done Nick! The only thing I’m sad about is the fact that you did not let me do it!! You know I have always wanted to shave your head. Oh well there is still a chance with Mike!!!
    Now we do have to go and hang out the local Aeon and act like tough “Skinheads” haa haa haa!!

    PS. When you getting a tattoo???

  4. Well I never I am speechless, What do I say my brother and his son have been called up to join the japanese army what a shocker, once you two have fought your fights and travelled the world with your regiment, don’t forget to never cut your hair again, thank god your mother and ricky’s granny is in Italy I hasten to think what she will say. On the other hand at least you will be cool and don’t get mistaken as football hooligans. p.s Emma say’s becareful not to get sunburnt and she says hello to both of you.

  5. Oops I wonder what dad and grandad will think, especially as he does not have much himself, but that is understable due to his age,Oh ricky grandad will be shocked really shocked and will want to know what has happened to your hair and was Mami feeling ok when she did it or are you making up the story and you both upset Mami and one evening she crept into your bedrooms and cut off your hair. I reckon that is what really happened.

  6. I think you both look better WITH hair!

    Besides, being bald in the summer is in someways hotter because the sun pounds directly onto your scalp! OUCH!

    Wear a towel on your head.

  7. Naturally you have my support on this Nick …. you should nude it up though, it’s a great feeling and even lower maintenance … although, most of the decision behind me being bald has been taken away from me these days.

  8. Wow, I just experienced simultaneous flashbacks of my times in prison and in Marine Corps boot camp.

    Ok, actually only one of those is true.


    Apart from that I was interested to hear how you got your bald patch. I didn’t know about Marcus’s accident. I am glad you are still in touch with him.

  10. Dad’s just seen your photo and got quite a shock. He says you will probably be bald soon enough like him, so don’t hasten it on. Actually Ricky looks quite cute

  11. I think you must keep your bald photos with Rikuto because I guess Mummy will never do that again after reading everyone comment 🙂
    Cheers 🙂

  12. I’m with Keith on this. Now that you work from home and don’t have to maintain a public image, I say you go with a full Mohawk dyed purple and several body peircings next summer. I look forward to seeing the Sid Vicious side of Nick next year.

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