EasyPHP “Apache cannot be runned…” Error

I’ve downloaded EasyPHP, a package containing PHP, MySQL and Apache, so that I can write and test PHP scripts without uploading my files to my web host all the time.

However, I was getting this errror:

Apache cannot be runned : another Web server use the Web port or port is blocked by firewall.

After a fair bit of head scratching, I discovered that Skype was using the same port. To have both Skype and Apache running, go to Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> Connection and uncheck the box marked “Use port 80 and 443 as alternatives for incoming connections”. Then quit and restart Skype. Now try running Apache.

Update: An alternative solution from Tony of Trackking.org:

I had been having that error, vista x64, no skype or yahoo, and no processes using port 80! After much head scratching I simply unchecked the Easyphp config option “Check servers TCP port before starting”. With that removed, it works a treat. So…maybe something in Vista x64 throws a “false positive” to EasyPHP when it checks for ports?

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13 thoughts on “EasyPHP “Apache cannot be runned…” Error

  1. WOW.
    Their grammar is amazing… 😉

    I’ve never heard of EasyPHP but I have used WAMP (Windows,Apache,MySql, php) Server.
    It was surprisingly easy to setup.
    I set it up so that I could make website presentations at meetings without having to worry about an internet connection. I am too “kechi” to spend money on a wireless card so WAMP was a lifesaver.

    1. Yeah, but the way the error was wroted was easily understanded. 😉

      I picked EasyPHP because it was the first thing I saw recommended and it worked – download, run and use. I’m sure WAMP or XAMPP are just as easy, even with their funny names.

      The Skype and Apache clash of ports would probably have caught me out no matter what server software I used, though.

  2. You are a life saver and I love you! Thank you for solving this problem with the (not so) “easy” PHP

  3. Thank You sir…!

    no.1 on Google for this error, and No. 1 FIX….!!

    on to the next “EASY” step…:-)

  4. hi there
    I’ve the same problem .. and I didn’t have skype.. but I’m trying to install EasyPHP on vista 64x .. if any 1 can help >>

  5. Tried this but still cannot be runned

    I am using Windows Vista Home Basic
    Easyphp 2

    I also have skype and oovoo installed

    what might be the problem then ?

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