A Mosquito Bit My Lip!

I don’t know if it’s quite right to say it bit my lip, because it actually stabbed me with its long pointy nose, but either way, this mosquito got me good…

I did eventually track it down and it paid dearly for giving me a frenchie in my sleep.

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7 thoughts on “A Mosquito Bit My Lip!

  1. Ahhh! Poor you and poor Rikuto. I hope his new medicine works. He must be eating something which disagrees with him. Can you not think what that might be?

  2. Yous should add that image to you header! With this cyborg helmut thing you would look like you just came from a battle…

  3. Mosquito – sure! I think you tried collagen but chickened out after the first needle, so then you had to make up this elaborate story about a poor little mosquito.

    I hope Rikuto is much better 🙂

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