JapanSoc Revamped! New Features!

Note: I’m writing this at nearly 5am. It’s been a long night of upgrading the site and I know there are some loose ends. The FAQ and blog will be updated in due course, and any bugs you find (there are always some) will be eventually squashed. Oh, and I deleted all your profile bios by accident, sorry about that! 😛 For occasions such as this JapanSoc overhaul, Deas from Rocking in Hakata has created […]

Winning Eleven 2009 PlayStation 3 Pack

I’m supposed to be too old for this kind of thing, but November 27th is when Sony launch a new PlayStation 3 bundle, complete with Winning Eleven 2009 and two controllers. Winning Eleven is my greatest vice, and the only thing standing between me and a thousand hours lost to a new PlayStation is my wife. Will Mami give up her TV time to let me play games? Can I convince her that a new […]

Pointer to my SWCMS Modules Page

I’ve been continuing to develop modules for the Social Web Content Management System, and have listed the ones I’ve made so far on a new page: My SWCMS Modules. My latest creations are a sin bin for temporarily disabling users, a way to block repeat submissions of deleted stories, a module that builds an RSS feed for comments, and I’ve improved the original private messaging module with bulk message deletion, an outbox and email notification […]

Recommendations: Remember the Milk & SimplePie

Two great, free resources I want to recommend this week are Remember the Milk, an online things-to-do list which you can share with other people, …and SimplePie, a brilliant RSS and Atom feed parser written in PHP. I used this to write the RSS Basic module for SWCMS and also to pull in and parse the Japan Blog Big RSS Feed on JapanSoc. If you have a comment, find me on Twitter at @longcountdown. I’d […]

All Ready to Change Servers

I’ve set up my websites on the new server, and I’ve requested the nameservers be changed on my current host. That means the changeover to Liquid Web is out of my hands now. First of all, I have no idea when Bluehost will respond to my support ticket and change the nameservers. Normally you can do this yourself, but I need an “A” record set up for my own personal nameservers. Maybe they can do […]

Sticking it to the CPU Exceeded Errors!

I’ve only been with Bluehost for about 7 months, and for the most part, I’ve been very happy with the speed and service they offer. However, recently, as many of you are aware, all my websites have been shut down for 5-10 minutes, multiple times a day for exceeding the CPU limits. I’ve studied the error logs and it appears that these errors are caused by slow MySQL queries to the database. Since most of […]

Top 10 Most Used Programs on my PC

There are a lot of programs filling up my hard drive, but only a few of them are useful enough for me to use everyday. Here’s a list of the top 10 most used programs on my PC, in reverse order: 10. Word 2007 Perhaps not as high up the list as you’d expect, I use Word for writing school curriculum, and that’s about it. Maybe if there was an English language pack available for […]

My First SWCMS Modules Released

SWCMS stands for Social Web Content Management System, and it is the social news software that powers JapanSoc.com. SWCMS is open source, meaning anybody can contribute to its development, and I’ve been busy doing just that. I’m not a professional developer by any means so I usually report bugs and suggest improvements. Recently, I’ve tried my hand at making modules (the equivalent of WordPress plugins) and I’ve come up with two so far: Smilies Module […]