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Nick Ramsay vs Nick Ramsay

Google search results for Nick RamsayI’m sure most of you have googled your own name on the internet, and I’m no different. It’s no surprise to find someone else with the same name as you considering the billions of people on the planet, but in my case, the other Nick Ramsay is also British, and the same age as me!

I take pride in my computer skills, so it’s a bit disappointing not to see my own website at the top of Google’s search results for “Nick Ramsay”. It’s understandable, however, when you realize that Nick Ramsay is a politician. Not only that, but I’m beaten by his profile page on the highly popular Conservatives.com website.

Being a politician, I assume Nick regularly gets mentioned in newspapers, blogs and other media. Whenever someone talks about him online, they are likely to link to his Conservatives profile page, using the name “Nick Ramsay”. Linking with specific keywords (i.e. anchor text) is the best way to get your site ranking highly in the search results.

Nick Ramsay vs Nick Ramsay

Taking on a politician in a search ranking contest is as silly as me entering a sumo contest, but nevertheless, I’ll continue to push for that top spot, and hope Nick Ramsay the politician has a career change!