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Ramsay Ramblings 1/30/2008

Today’s ramblings cover Japan’s desire for foreign workers, a Japanese alternative to Adsense, the latest on JapanSoc, and an unexpected present.

Japanese businesses gearing up for foreign workers

I’ve just been watching my wife’s favorite TV show – no, not Aura no Izumi! – actually, she turns on the telly every night to watch World Business Satellite News, possibly the only news show I can stomach watching. The first segment on the show was about how companies are preparing themselves for foreign workers and what more could be done.

I was pleased to see a positive approach to the inevitable influx of foreigners. The program introduced a company developing language tuition software to help foreigners learn Japanese, and suggested following Germany’s lead by giving lessons on culture and history to help ease the transition into Japanese society. It also discussed the need to make finding accommodation easier, and talked about how nurses may be hired from the Philippines if they pass the same exams required of Japanese nurses.

There was also a documentary about airlines and how JAL is cutting costs by recruiting and training flight attendants from Thailand, another sign that companies are willingly hiring foreigners, regardless of whatever position the government takes on the immigration issue.

MicroAds – an alternative to Google Adsense

I was over at Ameblo the other day, a popular online blogging community in Japan, and noticed the following ads. They look remarkably like Google Adsense adverts, but obviously a Japanese competitor of the big G. They belong to MicroAd, which is obviously doing quite well to score a spot on Ameblo.

Microad - Adsense competitor?

I was going to study the Japanese MicroAd homepage and give you more details, but I figured they would only be useful if you blogged in Japanese and had a Japanese-reading audience, which rules most of us out. πŸ˜•

Japansoc updates

JapanSoc is buzzing with activity, and I’m enjoying looking through the articles people are submitting. You’ll notice I’ve set up Top Users page with ranks us by “karma”. The current karma formula is based on votes and submissions over the last 7 days, so now you know how to increase it! If any of you are having problems uploading an avatar, just email it to me (nick AT longcountdown DOT com) and I’ll put it in manually. Finally, don’t forget to include the JapanSoc voting button in your blog posts if you want more ‘socs.

A big thank you goes to Nipponster.com for including a JapanSoc submit button on the Nipponster toolbar. More on this in a later post.

Buy someone a chair, get a desk in return

About five years ago, I bought a friend a big black “President’s chair” for his office, and today I was surprised to receive a nice new desk in return! It was probably the best present I could have hoped for since I was actually looking to get a new desk anyway. So folks, remember, if you want to make someone happy, buy them some office furniture! You never know, you might just get a big filing cabinet or a fancy new desk in return! πŸ˜€

He’s Just a Little Sumo Baby!

I'm just a little sumo baby!With the all the negative publicity sumo is getting, and the lack of native Japanese newcomers to the sport, Mami and I felt this would be a great opportunity to let Rikuto keep this great Japanese tradition alive.

Sure, he may not be “100% pure“, but none of the top sumo wrestlers are. Apparently, at the time of writing, the top two wrestlers are Mongolian. Arudou Debito has some interesting facts on the nationalities of the top sumo wrestlers in his article, Latest Sumo Banzuke shows one third of top ranked are NJ.