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Apologies for “Unscheduled Maintenance”

Cannot connectLet me take a moment to apologize for the 6+ hours of downtime my websites experienced today. When I woke up and switched on my computer at 8:00 am, it was already impossible to connect to any of my sites (of which I have a dozen, serving around 8,000 visitors on a typical Tuesday). The problem wasn’t resolved until mid-afternoon, and a few connection difficulties persist as I write this.

I have been promised a written apology and explanation, but all I have been told so far is that the server had “unscheduled maintenance”. I blame the lack of communication on what is obviously outsourced tech support. πŸ™„

Thank you to those of you who called or emailed to let me know the sites were down. I promise to buy you Mars bars and baked beans when I visit England this year.