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LongCountdown in the Spotlight

BlogsOnJapan: LongCountdown InterviewI must have done something worthy of attention because Mike from BlogsOnJapan.com pulled me aside for an interview. Mike is putting together a collection of interviews with bloggers in Japan, and LongCountdown.com made the list. Find out what my favorite place in Japan is, who my favorite celebrity is, and what I think of Japanese food by reading the Interview with Long Countdown

On top of that, I was surprised to find myself the subject of a podcast on TiltyHouse.com. The Dai-Cast team host a weekly podcast about various issues in Japan, and they chose to talk about (and poke fun at) my post, Planning a Lifetime in Japan.

LongCountdown featured on TiltyHouse.comIt was kind of surreal listening to people I don’t know discuss me and my family’s life insurance policy, but it was all in done in good humour and touched on the financial difficulties young couples face today. The podcast is an hour long, but if you’re patient enough to download it, you can find them talk about me around the 19:00 minute mark. Go and listen to Dai-Cast 067 – Can’t Do That on a Christian Podcast.