What Has Japan Taught Me About England?

This is my last minute entry into November’s Japan Blog Matsuri. I was going to skip it this month, as the question, “What has Japan taught you about yourself?”, would require me to take a deep look inside and pull out something wise and intelligent. Instead, here are a few things Japan has taught me about England… Ascending the throne When I first came to Japan, people would say “Give my regards to the queen!”, […]

What’s My Name? Revisited

This month’s Japan Blog Matsuri theme is The Language of Japan, and I’ve been scratching my head all month over what to write. I haven’t studied Japanese for years now, and although I have a few amusing stories of miscommunication, nothing worthy of an entire blog post. So, I delved into the LongCountdown archives and submitted an article I wrote back in March 2007. It’s about the confusion that arises from having a foreign name […]

Baked Beans to Save Japan’s Food Crisis?

This post is an oldie, but I’m submitting it to Rocking in Hakata‘s February 2009 Japan Blog Matsuri about Foreign Food. Enjoy! With food prices soaring, and butter disappearing altogether, there is no doubt that Japan is suffering an unprecedented food crisis. Learning from the British At university, balancing the budget to accommodate both food and beer is a skill most Brits have mastered, but it wouldn’t be possible without that staple of the British […]

The Same Old Questions

No matter how long you are in Japan, you will always be asked the same questions: Where are you from? Do you like Japanese food? Can you use chopsticks? The more adventurous Japanese will ask you questions about your home country: Is summer as hot as in Japan? Do you have cherry blossoms? Do you speak English in England? All these questions were recently asked of me by the dental assistant, just before I had […]

Arnold Schwarzenegger Calls AEON English School

While I’ve been (and still am) waiting for my websites to move to their new web host, I’ve had some time to catch up on my favorite podcasts. One of those podcasts is from Gaijin-in-Japan.com, and recently in Mike’s 82nd podcast, we got treated to this brilliant prank call to an AEON English school in Japan: Arnold Calls English School There are lots of similar ones on ArnoldCalls.com, and you’ll find a load of them […]

Earn Money with Japan-Hopper.com

What would happen if you combined Google Maps, Wikipedia, and personal experiences of English speakers in Japan?This is a question that Kiyotaka Maruyama decided to answer by creating Japan-Hopper.com, an interactive website that lets you use English to search for a place in Japan, and then either read a related Wikipedia entry or a review from someone who actually went to the place you searched for. In the media Reading personal accounts, together with pictures, […]

Top Sightseeing Spots in Second Life Japan

I’m a regular visitor to the virtual world of Second Life, and one of my favorite ways to spend time there is by visiting some Japanese sightseeing spots. I have shown you Tokyo Tower, and the castles in Osaka, Kumamoto and Himeji before, but here they are again along with some of my other favorites. Note: Please let me know if any of these places no longer exist, and I’d be happy to add recommendations […]

A Typical Life… In Japan

Shane was one of the first people to register at JapanSoc, and has been active in the community ever since. Some of the many articles she’s submitted come from her own blog, A Typical Life. This is a site she started in November of last year, but Shane has been working hard to fill it with meaningful content, mostly related to Japan, as that is where she will be spending the better part of the […]