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All Ready to Change Servers

I’ve set up my websites on the new server, and I’ve requested the nameservers be changed on my current host. That means the changeover to Liquid Web is out of my hands now.

First of all, I have no idea when Bluehost will respond to my support ticket and change the nameservers. Normally you can do this yourself, but I need an “A” record set up for my own personal nameservers. Maybe they can do it within hours, maybe days. Second, it could take a further 72 hours before the domain names propagate across the internet, and then after that, I still have a lot of bug fixing to do which can’t be done until the domain names are pointing at the new IP address.

Other problems include database overlap, especially for JapanSoc. I really don’t want to shut the site down until the move is complete, but by leaving it running, it will become out of sync with the new database.

In other words, this whole changeover will be unpredictable and messy. Yay! πŸ˜›

I’m closing the comments on all my blogs, and will put a notice on JapanSoc, requesting members hold off on submissions, comments and votes until this is all completed. Thanks for your patience.

Sticking it to the CPU Exceeded Errors!

I’ve only been with Bluehost for about 7 months, and for the most part, I’ve been very happy with the speed and service they offer. However, recently, as many of you are aware, all my websites have been shut down for 5-10 minutes, multiple times a day for exceeding the CPU limits.

I’ve studied the error logs and it appears that these errors are caused by slow MySQL queries to the database. Since most of the queries come from core files in WordPress and SWCMS, the only reasonable explanation for these CPU exceeded errors is the volume of traffic my sites are getting. In September, that figure was 267,194 visits.

Time for an upgrade

Bluehost charge less than $7 a month to host all my websites on one of their shared servers, so I can’t really complain if their CPUs can’t handle the load. Instead, it’s time to pay for some real service, so I searched out the best hosting solution short of leasing an entire server: a Liquid Web Virtual Private Server.

I managed to find a discount coupon at Digital Point giving me $30/month off, and bringing the total cost down to $75/month after the initial $150 setup I chose to pay. That’s a fair whack over $7 a month at Bluehost, but I should be able to recoup the cost if I don’t have the downtime I’ve been getting.

As I type this, I’m waiting for the technicians to set it up for me, and then I’ll spend the next week or two moving my sites across. Until I’ve done that, I can’t say whether it will solve all the hosting problems I’ve had over the last year, but I’m quietly confident.

Stay tuned for updates. My sites will go offline for up to 72 hours when I point the domain names to the new server.