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Rikuto at One Day Old

I previously posted a video of Rikuto at 3 weeks old, believing it was the earliest footage of our son that we had. However, the other day I was playing with my phone when I discovered, buried deep within its memory banks, a video I had taken just 24 hours after he was born! I guess I’m becoming really forgetful in my thirties. πŸ˜•

Here is never before seen footage of our son at one day old.

If you can’t view the video, you can see it here on YouTube.

Baby in Progress – Meet Rikuto!

Rikuto - just hours oldFriends, family, and first-time visitors. After blogging about my wife’s pregnancy for much of the last year, our son, Rikuto, was finally born at 9:25am on Sunday, July 22nd 2007, at the prefectural hospital, Gifuken Sougou Iryou Center.

I rushed Mami to the maternity clinic at 5:30 in the morning, and it wasn’t long before the doctor realized that her unusually high blood pressure and still too-narrow “escape route” would require a trip in an ambulance to the hospital for a cesarean birth.

During the ride however, Rikuto’s means of entry into the big welcoming world opened up and he was born in the usual manner while I waited outside – as per my wife’s orders!

Mami suffered some injuries which are probably too embarrassing to describe here, but she is recovering well and will remain in the hospital with Rikuto for a week.

While Mami is sure Riku looks like me, I tend to think he looks more like his mum, but he’s adorable either way. Enjoy the pictures and subscribe for updates!

If you can’t view the photos, you can see the original pictures at Flickr, here.