Goodbye AVG, Hello Windows Live OneCare

I’ve always been frustrated with anti-virus software. Reducing your computer to a sloth as it scans for viruses, delaying your system’s start-up while it checks for updates, and then blocking you from opening various applications, email or websites because of potential risks. This pre-emptive “war on viruses”, is enough to drive you mad. Third-party access to Vista When Vista launched, I was hoping Microsoft had gotten their way and blocked third-party access to the core […]

Microsoft Banishes Japan from Language Pack Market?

It’s been well over a year since I bought a new Japanese PC with Windows Vista and Office 2007. I did my research and made sure to buy Vista Ultimate so that I could switch Windows to English at the click of a button. That was no problem when Microsoft made an English language pack available as a free Ultimate Extra download. Office 2007 in Japanese I was already a bit of a whizz with […]

Ramsay Ramblings 4/30/2008

I’ve been feeling pretty grotty this last week. First Rikuto “got the byouki”, then Mami “got the byouki”, and now I’ve “got the byouki”. Although I’d love to sing a song about “getting the byouki” (getting sick), I’ll spare you this week, and share some more Ramsay Ramblings instead. Magnitude 7 Earthquake Virtually Hits Gifu Since my net buddy, Mike McKinlay came to visit last week, I took him to the Gifu Prefecture Regional Disaster […]

What’s Your Favorite Font?

This is probably a really geeky topic, but if we’re honest with ourselves, we all have a favorite font. Maybe it’s the font you use when you write email, or the font you usually pick for a Word document. At some point, we have all chosen a typeface that looks good and feels good. Indeed, your font is a fashion statement for the web. Vista introduces a new generation of fonts I brought this up […]

My new Vista computer!

The day Windows Vista was launched, I went on the internet and ordered my dream computer (well, as close to it as I could afford!) That was nearly two weeks ago and it finally arrived on my doorstep on Thursday morning. There are few purchases in life that get me really excited. You could probably list a car, a house, and a vacation on some tropical island among the most exciting, and I wouldn’t disagree, […]

Vista launched in Japan (apparently)

I had the launch of Windows Vista marked on my calendar since before Christmas, and was counting down the days until its official release on January 30th. In the build up to the launch, Microsoft ran commercials on Japanese TV… 3 days to go! 2 days to go! So, when the 30th came around at midnight on Monday I went straight to some tech sites to see what new computers they were offering with Vista […]